In order to further promote the localization and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cells and solve the problem that the key raw materials of hydrogen fuel cells are mainly imported Controllable preparation process and batch preparation technology of type catalyst. The company can customize 10%-90% of Pt/C catalysts according to customer needs, with a daily production capacity of 1kg.

Membrane electrode

The membrane electrode is the core part of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell, and it is the core to ensure that the electrochemical reaction can be carried out efficiently. The company has independently developed a high-performance fuel cell membrane electrode, which has been tested and verified by the national authoritative legal institution. Through the advanced catalyst and membrane electrode preparation process, the membrane electrode current density is 2400mA/cm2@0.6V, and the power density is 1440mW/cm2. @0.6V, not mentioned in the domestic documents examined, with independent intellectual property rights, the technology is at the leading domestic level, and the high-performance fuel cell membrane electrode has been identified as Shaoxing City's independent innovation products and high-quality products, Zhejiang Province Industrial New Products product.

Air cooled reactor system

At present, the company mainly produces 1w-6kw air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell systems, which are used in hydrogen-powered vehicles (aged scooters, student pickup vehicles, express vehicles, patrol vehicles, forklifts, etc.), drones, emergency power supplies (hospitals, Banks, households, communication base stations, military bases), etc.

Enterprise Profile

         Shaoxing Junji Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of hydrogen fuel cell core materials (catalysts, membrane electrodes), stacks, control systems and hydrogen health products since 2007. enterprise.
         Over the years, the company has gathered a group of experienced and innovative industry talents and R&D teams, composed of many doctors and engineering technicians, specializing in electrochemistry, fuel cells, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, control theory and control Engineering, etc., has rich practical experience in fuel cell design and engineering application.

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R & D Strength

         Over the years, the company has gathered a group of experienced and innovative industry talents and R&D teams, established a corporate research and development center, composed of many doctors and engineering technicians, and independently introduced "330 overseas talents" and "National Thousand Talents Program" 1 person each. The company independently develops core materials, solves the technical problem of "stuck neck" and fully realizes localization, breaking the long-term dependence on high-cost imports of hydrogen fuel cell core materials. It is an enterprise with research and development capabilities from key materials to end-use products.

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