What is the manufacturing method of the tube-sheet dual-process supercritical water-cooled stack?

2022-07-29 00:00

A supercritical water-cooled reactor (SCWR) is a reactor that uses water as the coolant and the effluent state is higher than the critical point (374°C, 22.1mpa). Due to high operating parameters and considering the limitations of existing materials and fabrication levels, most supercritical water-cooled reactors are designed as multi-process structures. The EU supercritical water-cooled reactor hplwr is designed as a three-process structure, which is mainly composed of a reactor pressure vessel, a gondola assembly, a lower mixing chamber, an outlet steam chamber, an outlet nozzle structure, a control rod guide assembly, and a fuel assembly.

However, for the above three process structures of the supercritical water-cooled reactor, in order to realize the effective heating of the core coolant and the effective shunting of the moderator and the coolant, the core radial direction is divided into three regions from the inside to the outside. The central region is one process, the middle region is two processes, and the peripheral region is three processes. In order to complete the coolant flow channels of the three processes, the structural form of the reactor internals is very complex to meet the needs of physical, thermal and hydraulic engineering, which makes the design of the reactor internals very difficult, with a large number of parts, manufacturing, Installation and maintenance are difficult, and the stability and reliability of the structure are not very good.

Japan, the United States, Russia and other countries have also carried out related research on supercritical water-cooled reactors. Its preliminary design plan considers a dual-flow structure, but fails to solve the key technical problems in engineering design, such as better balancing the effective shunting of moderator coolant, reducing structural materials, and improving the feasibility of structural design and engineering manufacturing; In addition, it has not yet entered into the substantive structural design, and its theoretical structure has no engineering adaptability and is not suitable for practical engineering

The purpose of the tube-sheet dual-flow supercritical water-cooled reactor is to provide a tube-sheet dual-flow supercritical water-cooled reactor to solve the effective shunting of the moderator coolant, reduce structural materials, and make the design structure specific and engineering.

The object of the present invention is achieved through the following technical solutions:

The tube-sheet dual-process supercritical water-cooled reactor includes a pressure vessel consisting of a top cover, an upper cylinder, a core-section cylinder and a lower head connected in sequence. The pressure vessel is equipped with a basket tube, an inlet connection pipe and an outlet connection pipe are arranged on the side wall of the upper cylinder body of the pressure vessel, and an outlet heat sleeve connected to the inner side of the basket cylinder body is arranged in the outlet connection pipe. The upper open end, the middle open end and the lower open end are respectively installed with an upper support assembly, an upper core plate and a lower tube plate. A lower core plate parallel to the lower tube plate is installed above the lower tube plate, a plurality of control rod guide assemblies are installed on the upper support assembly, and a plurality of one process fuel assembly and two process fuel assemblies are installed between the lower core plate and the upper core plate . A process fuel assembly is connected with the bottom cavity of the pressure vessel through a connecting pipe, and the closed cavity formed between the lower core plate and the lower tube plate is connected with the two process fuel assemblies.

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