Introduction of CCM Membrane Electrode

2021-09-27 00:00

The CCM membrane electrode has the precise pressure range and control accuracy required by the membrane electrode hot pressing, the accuracy of the temperature setting control range, the high flatness of the mirror table surface, and the table size matching the effective area of ​​the membrane electrode. The hot plate has a long-term anti-corrosion and anti-rust function, and the equipment runs stably and safely.

The CCM membrane electrode equipment adopts a four-column three-plate integral closed structure, and the guide column is treated by high-frequency vacuum quenching, which has the effect of tensile strength. The guide bush is guided by imported high ink bearings. The heating body is made of stainless steel carbon fiber heating rod, which is placed by cast-in-place method. It has the characteristics of non-oxidation, impact resistance, safety and reliability, rapid and stable temperature rise, and long service life. The temperature sensor samples the ambient temperature and feeds it back to the temperature controller, enabling precise temperature control. There is a safety grille on the operating surface.

CCM membrane electrodes with high precision and high energy efficiency, active parallel control / turnkey production line for mass production / storage of process parameters / robot and gripper technology for loading and unloading one-man operations. The device was specially developed for fuel cell membrane electrodes. It can automatically control pressure, speed, position, temperature and time, and has the characteristics of multi-function, automatic control and high reliability.

Main features of electrode servo heat press:

1. The temperature control of the hot plate plane of the CCM membrane electrode equipment is uniform and accurate.

2. The hot plate of the equipment has high parallelism and flatness, and is stable in use.

3. The equipment has the function of setting and controlling stage pressure, stage temperature and stage time.

4. CCM membrane electrode The device has the function of storing process parameters.

5. The equipment has the functions of speed regulation and voltage regulation.

6. The device has 100% heating power setting control function.

7.CCM membrane electrode The equipment has water cooling and heat insulation device, which can effectively ensure the accuracy and stability of the entire machine tool.

8. The device has an independent heating real-time monitoring function, which can effectively monitor the working status of the heat pipe in real time, and can alarm the fault location in real time, allowing users to replace it within 5 minutes.

9. The servo control system of the CCM membrane electrode equipment enables the membrane electrode to achieve a better yield during the pre-compression molding process.

10. The equipment has safety protection devices.

11. The equipment is user-friendly and has stable performance.


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