Junji Technology debuted at the 4th China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Refueling Station Equipment Exhibition in 2019

2019-06-17 00:00

Hydrogen energy is known as the "ultimate energy source" in the 21st century, with the characteristics of high efficiency, high pressure, environmental protection and small size. In recent years, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions have provided long-term, stable and efficient support for hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology research and development, demonstration and market cultivation under the guidance of the national hydrogen fuel cell strategy. Energy and fuel cell technology has made great progress, and the industrialization window is approaching. my country also attaches great importance to the development of fuel cell technology. In strategic plans such as "Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)", "Made in China 2025" and other strategic plans, it is clear that fuel cell vehicles should be vigorously developed.

In order to promote the international cooperative research, demonstration and application of fuel cells and hydrogen refueling station equipment, the "2019 No. The 4th China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Refueling Station Equipment Exhibition and Development Forum" was held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) on May 16-18, 2019. An important platform for communication in the battery industry, it aims to strengthen global cooperation across the entire industry chain of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen refueling station equipment, and jointly promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen refueling station equipment.

Founded in 2012, Shaoxing Junji Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of hydrogen fuel cell core materials (catalysts, membrane electrodes) and stack systems. It is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Keqiao District Science and Technology Park. If our company is invited to participate in the conference, we will display the core materials (catalysts, membrane electrodes), stacks, teaching aids, pressure reducing valves, test equipment, backup power supplies of hydrogen fuel cells independently developed and produced at the hydrogen fuel cell booth in the main exhibition hall. , carbon fiber hydrogen storage bottles, hydrogen power vehicles and other products, especially the core materials of hydrogen fuel cells (catalysts, membrane electrodes), have aroused strong interest and wide attention from guests and news media.

Our company attaches great importance to this exhibition, and has done various preliminary preparations, focusing on broadening our horizons, opening up ideas, learning advanced, and exchanging and cooperating. We make full use of this exhibition opportunity to communicate and communicate with people from all walks of life who come to visit. , negotiated, and obtained a wide range of cooperation intentions, such as upstream and downstream enterprises docking, investment cooperation, technical exchanges, etc. In the field of hydrogen fuel cells, the popularity and influence of our company have been further enhanced, and good exhibition results have been achieved!


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