Junji Technology successfully developed a miniature hydrogen-powered vehicle

2018-07-09 00:00

After the continuous research and development and innovation of hydrogen fuel cells by our company's scientific researchers, we independently developed a miniature hydrogen power vehicle in the spring of 2018, with complete independent intellectual property rights. The car uses hydrogen fuel cells as its energy system. The hydrogen in the high-pressure carbon fiber hydrogen storage bottle is input to the stack through the integrated valve of decompression and voltage stabilization, and reacts with oxygen in the stack to convert into electric energy, and then outputs the electric energy through the DCDC and controller to drive the mini-car to run, and at the same time discharge the hydrogen-oxygen reaction The generated water is free of any pollutants. Compared with the rechargeable battery car, its most prominent advantage is that the refueling time is short, the battery life is long, and the hydrogen can be fully charged in 2-3 minutes.

On the basis of this miniature unmanned vehicle, our company will produce fuel cells of more than 10KW, provide hydrogen energy systems for small vans, small cars, minibuses and other small vehicles, and contribute to a clean atmosphere and national energy strategy!


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