Professor of Tsinghua University, Deputy Director of UBS, and Alibaba delegation visited Junji Technology

2018-06-19 00:00

On June 10, 2018, a delegation from Tsinghua University, a deputy director of UBS, and a delegation from Alibaba visited Junji Technology. All parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the fuel cell vehicle industry and expressed that they would strengthen industrial cooperation and jointly promote the process of industrial development.

The general manager of our company introduced the basic situation of the company, the latest progress and R&D achievements of hydrogen fuel cell R&D and industrialization to the delegation. As an industry pioneer and an active promoter of the commercialization process, Junji Technology has continuously strengthened its R&D efforts and investment.

The professor of Tsinghua University introduced the latest scientific research progress and forward-looking technologies of the hydrogen energy industry. He was optimistic about the development prospects of China's fuel cell vehicle industry, but at the same time emphasized that this optimism requires the joint efforts of many parties.

Finally, the delegation visited our company's product and testing center and other research and development sites, among which Alibaba said that it will carry out business cooperation with our company in many fields such as hydrogen fuel cell small logistics vehicles and minivans. The deputy director of UBS also said that he would further discuss financial cooperation with our company and reach a cooperation intention. In addition, all parties will focus on technological innovation and unite with all aspects of the hydrogen energy industry chain to continue to lead China's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry and promote the healthy development of China's hydrogen energy!

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