Warmly welcome Tozzi Green to visit our company to inspect fuel cells

2018-06-15 00:00

On January 27, 2018, a group of 3 people from Tozzi Green company came to our company to inspect fuel cells. The person in charge of our company introduced the basic situation of the company and products to them and took them to visit the test center and other research and development sites.

Tozzi Green is a company integrating wind energy (national grid, off-grid power generation <Peru>), biomass (power station <currently the largest in Italy>), solar photovoltaic energy, hybrid energy, etc. to provide integrated solutions for design, procurement, construction and maintenance Scheme of the new energy engineering company. Headquartered in Italy, overseas subsidiaries are distributed in Peru, Madagascar, Japan and other countries. It employs around 600 people and generated a turnover of 200 million euros in 2017. The fuel cells purchased by the company are mainly used in backup power supply and uninterruptible power supply, mobile vehicles (motorcycles, automobiles), etc.

Finally, Tozzi Green visited our company's product and testing center and other research and development sites, and expressed that it would further negotiate business and reach a cooperation intention!

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