Do you know the pressure reducing valve?

2021-07-13 00:00

With the rapid progress of modern society, people's material life has been enriched. Many people start to pay attention to their health while enjoying life, so their health awareness is gradually improving, and their consumption habits are gradually changing. It is said that disease comes from the mouth, and diet is very important. Just like the way we drink water, it goes from boiled tap water to bottled water to home water purifiers. The appearance and changes of these products do not appear for no reason, because everyone needs them now, so they are made.

Water purifiers have been unknown since the beginning, and after the unremitting efforts of many people, they are now more and more popular. But many people only know the water purifier because it can purify water and the filter element needs to be replaced regularly. In fact, if you can learn more about this appliance, you can give full play to its capabilities, and at the same time, you will not panic if there is a problem. Do you know the pressure reducing valve of the water purifier?

Pressure reducing valves are generally used to reduce pipeline pressure (stabilized pressure), which may result in localized high pressure or sudden water pressure. In this case, the pressure reducing valve can protect household appliances and terminal water purification equipment that use water. However, the water purifier has requirements for the water inlet pressure, because too low will affect the water outlet, and too high will damage the water purifier. According to the actual situation, whether to install a booster pump or a pressure reducing valve.

There are several reasons why a water purifier needs to have a pressure reducing valve installed. One is related to the design of the water purifier installed in your home, because some machines will have their own pressure reducing valve or their own optimized waterway structure, so there is no need to install a pressure reducing valve. ; Secondly, it is related to the water pressure of the community and the floor where the family lives. If the water pressure in the community is 3.5, or if you live in a high-rise building; third, the water pressure is unstable. In this case, it is recommended to install a pressure reducing valve on the water purifier.


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