What is the difference between a hydrogen oxygen ventilator and a pure hydrogen ventilator?

2022-02-24 00:00

What is the difference between a hydrogen oxygen ventilator and a pure hydrogen ventilator? As we all know, ventilator is very important for human clinical treatment. Especially when the new crown pneumonia epidemic is serious in the world, a ventilator is hard to find. So, learn more about the difference between the two.

Hydrogen-oxygen ventilator means that the gas produced by the machine is a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture, and the patient breathes a hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture naturally. Pure hydrogen ventilator refers to taking out pure hydrogen from a hydrogen absorber, and then inhaling hydrogen gas together with air during breathing. The main differences between the two modes are:

1. Hydrogen-oxygen respirator and pure hydrogen respiration mechanism The principle of hydrogen may be different.

In industrial applications, a common electrolysis method is to use an alkaline solution, which can generate hydrogen and oxygen, and can mix hydrogen and oxygen when separation is not required, such as hydrogen-oxygen welding, and ignite the mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen.

According to the reaction equation of electrolyzing water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, it can be known that oxygen accounts for about 66% and hydrogen accounts for about 33% in the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

If the generated hydrogen and oxygen are separated, ordinary electrolysis will be a bit troublesome, but now there is a proton membrane hydrogen production model that can separate hydrogen and oxygen very well, because the properties of the proton membrane (protons carry a small amount of water molecules to penetrate) can Oxygen is generated at the anode and hydrogen is generated at the cathode.

2. The water quality used by hydrogen-oxygen respirator and pure hydrogen respirator is different.

For hydrogen-oxygen respirator, if it is ordinary electrolysis (no proton membrane), then conductive water must be used. If an alkaline solution is added, the conductivity can be greatly improved, and the efficiency of hydrogen and oxygen production can also be greatly improved.

Pure hydrogen ventilator must use pure water. Generally speaking, the purer the better. Use double distilled water or laboratory secondary analysis water, and the actual use of Yibao brand pure water can meet the requirements.

3. The same proton membrane hydrogen production can be hydrogen and oxygen or a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

If you want, you can add the original components and controls, as well as a hydrogen absorber for proton membrane hydrogen production. For example, hydrogen production mode 1 is pure hydrogen, and hydrogen production mode 2 is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, both of which can be realized. Hydrogen-oxygen mixing is nothing more than mixing the separated hydrogen and oxygen.

In this hydrogen production mode, it is recommended that the machine come out of two conduits, and mix hydrogen and oxygen into hydrogen and oxygen near the end of the nostril, which is safer, and also avoids the hydrogen and oxygen to meet the spark and burn violently and destroy the machine.

In short, if the patient has difficulty breathing and needs to inhale oxygen, a hydrogen inhalation machine with a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is a good choice. In addition, we believe that the hydrogen-oxygen ventilator is more suitable for hospitals, and pure hydrogen is more suitable for home use, because the home use should consider whether it is easy to use, whether the operation is stable, the important thing is to consider whether it is safe enough, and of course the cost-effectiveness should also be considered.

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