What is a pressure reducing valve

2022-02-09 00:00

With the rapid progress of modern society, people's material life has been enriched. Many people start to pay attention to their health while enjoying life, so their health awareness is gradually improving, and their consumption habits are gradually changing. It is said that disease comes from the mouth, and diet is very important. Just like the way we drink water, it goes from boiled tap water to bottled water to home water purifiers. The appearance and changes of these products do not appear for no reason, because everyone needs them now, so they are made.

Pressure reducing valves are generally used to reduce pipeline pressure (stabilized pressure), which may result in localized high pressure or sudden water pressure. In this case, the pressure reducing valve can protect household appliances and terminal water purification equipment that use water. However, the water purifier has requirements for the water inlet pressure, because too low will affect the water outlet, and too high will damage the water purifier. According to the actual situation, whether to install a booster pump or a pressure reducing valve.

Pressure reducing valves and pressure regulating valves are also widely used in some high-rise buildings and people's living areas, or other places that require a water supply network system to control water pressure. Pressure reducing valves and pressure regulating valves can also replace some traditional cut-off water pipes, thereby effectively connecting more equipment. In addition, pressure reducing valves and pressure regulating valves are also used in gas pipelines in our home life.

The pressure reducing and regulating valve adopts advanced design method and adopts full channel, DC and streamline design scheme, which can greatly reduce hydraulic loss and achieve good energy saving effect. The pressure reducing and regulating valve is easy to operate and can be adjusted automatically. The pressure reducing and regulating valve has good working performance and stable and reliable pressure control. The influence of inlet pressure and flow rate is relatively small, and its pressure control accuracy is very high. The pressure reducing valve and the pressure regulating valve do not need to install any other devices during use, and the maintenance is also very simple.

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