Let me tell you about the three major elements and technical advantages of industrial catalysts

2022-01-10 00:00

Let me tell you about the three major elements and technical advantages of industrial catalysts

Most industrial catalysts are composed of active components, cocatalysts and supports, and these three components play different roles in catalytic reactions.

1. Active ingredient

The active component is the main component of the catalyst and plays a major catalytic role in the reaction process.

2. Co-catalyst

The co-catalyst is a small amount of substances added to the catalyst to play the role of auxiliary catalysis. The co-catalyst can be added in the form of an element or a compound, with no activity or little activity. However, it improves the heat resistance, mechanical strength, and resistance of the catalyst. Toxicity and reactivity properties.

3. Carrier

Catalysts prepared by loading active components and co-catalysts on a carrier are called supported catalysts. The properties of the carrier mainly include: improving the mechanical strength of the catalyst, improving its heat and mass transfer performance, and providing a supporting surface for active components.

A suitable carrier plays an important role in the reaction. The catalyst carrier is generally selected from two aspects: physical properties and chemical properties. The physical properties mainly include the mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, microstructure and macrostructure of the catalyst carrier, and chemical properties. It mainly includes the chemical stability, structural sensitivity and interaction with active components of the catalyst carrier.

Technical advantages of ozone catalysts

The traditional professional ability of ozone oxidation relies on instant oxidation, the expected target of well-known heat is poor, the ozone utilization rate is low, the direct cost of project investment and operation is high, and the professional skills of ozone oxidation are further improved.

Advantages of processing technology

1. Ozone catalyst According to the application of a large number of experiments and engineering projects, the catalyst medium and active ingredients are selected, and the lean production management scheme of the industrialized intelligent system is applied to ensure that the converted catalyst has high impact toughness and long service life.

2. The active components of the ozone catalyst are active transition elements/oxides, which are similar to the raw materials of the medium and have high bonding compressive strength; The utilization rate can reasonably reduce the catalyst flow and avoid secondary pollution.

3. Selecting this catalyst for ozone catalytic oxidation reaction can significantly increase the chemical reaction rate between ozone and air pollutants, reasonably reduce the direct cost of the solution, and cooperate with the industrial equipment of ozone oxidation tower bricks in our factory to reduce the amount of ozone sludge by 30%. %, ensuring 98% of the ozone utilization rate. According to the analysis report of chemical plant sewage preparation and wastewater treatment in advance, the amount of ozone added is reduced by 30% compared with the basic method, and the operating cost of a ton of ships can be reduced by 30%.

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