Hydrogen Fuel Cell MEA Membrane Electrode Packaging Servo Hot Press

2021-12-16 00:00

Hydrogen fuel cell MEA membrane electrode packaging servo hot pressing-hydrogen fuel cell hot pressing_MEA proton exchange membrane packaging hot pressing.

The equipment is developed for the manufacture of MEA membrane electrodes for fuel cells, and can automatically control pressure, speed, position, temperature and time, with multi-function, automatic control and high reliability.

The MEA membrane electrode servo hot pressing machine transfers the catalyst layer from the base layer to both sides of the proton exchange membrane, and prepares the catalyst-coated electrode three-in-one (CCM). The hot-pressing ratio is carried out under certain temperature and pressure conditions to obtain 5-1 membrane electrode assembly (MEA), and the accurate hot-pressing conditions, including the hot-pressing precision, are controlled.

Main technical parameters of MEA membrane electrode servo thermoforming machine: (for reference only)

1. Pressure installation actuator: servo cylinder, stroke 300 mm.

2. Compression speed: high speed: 0-30 mm/s, the speed is adjustable. Compression speed: 0.01-1 mm/sec, the speed is adjustable.

3. The pressure and time can be set: the range is 0-9999s.

4. The linear accuracy of the force sensor 20T is 0.03%FS.

5. Displacement sensor 320mm resolution: 1 m.

6. Body: three beams and four columns; Misme resistant high graphite guide cover.

7. Mechanical plate chrome polishing.

8. Finishing of the heating plate.

9. Temperature range: 0 ~ 200; automatic control of temperature settings.

10. Temperature control accuracy: 1; Three-zone temperature control sensor, average temperature control.

11. The height of the hole: 280mm.

12. Size of heating plate: 400*400mm.

Servo cylinder membrane electrode thermoforming machine customization:

As the core component of the fuel cell reactor, anode plates include graphite, metal and composite anode plates. Due to differences in application scenarios, power, etc., various anode plates have their own advantages in application. Therefore, anode plates of different materials will coexist and complement each other for a long time in the future. For fuel cell reactors, reliability, longevity and low cost are necessary to ensure the competitiveness of the reactor.

MEA membrane electrode thermoforming machine prepares catalytic coated electrode 3-to-1 parts (CCM) from basic thermocompression to both sides of proton exchange membrane, through thermocompressor under certain temperature and pressure conditions, the membrane electrode boundary, diffusion layer and CCM Type electrodes are hot-pressed to form a 5-to-1 membrane electrode assembly (MEA), and the hot-pressing conditions are accurately controlled, including the hot-pressing pressure accuracy. The servo membrane electrode thermoforming machine is equipped with the exact pressure range and control precision required by the membrane electrode thermoforming machine, the temperature setting control range accuracy, the flatness of the mirror table, and the table size consistent with the effective area of ​​the membrane electrode. The hot plate has a long-term anti-corrosion and anti-rust function, and the equipment can run stably.

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