MEA membrane electrode performance

2021-12-01 00:00

MEA membrane electrodes in fuel cells mainly include proton exchange membrane, catalyst and gas diffusion layer (GDL) (prepared by CCM method), and sometimes GDL cannot be classified as MEA membrane electrode according to the catalyst supported by GDL. In this paper, the research and development progress of each membrane electrode assembly and research units at home and abroad are reviewed. In the upstream technologies of the hydrogen fuel cell industry chain, in addition to hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, transportation and hydrogenation, it also includes fuel cells such as electrolyte membranes, catalysts, bipolar plates, gas diffusion layers, air compressors, water pumps, and hydrogen pumps. key materials and components.

Proton exchange membrane is the core component and key material of fuel cell. The role of the MEA membrane electrode is to only allow hydrogen ions (protons) that have lost electrons from the anode to pass through the cathode, but prevent electrons, hydrogen molecules, water molecules, etc. from passing through.

MEA Membrane electrode assembly (MEA), also translated into membrane electrode, is a key component in the development of fuel cells. The membrane electrode and the bipolar plates on both sides constitute a single fuel cell cell, which is the basic unit of a fuel cell. In practical applications, according to design requirements, multiple single cells can be combined into a fuel cell reactor to meet power output requirements of different sizes.

The MEA membrane electrode forms a good electron channel. The carbon catalyst in the MEA is a good conductor of electrons, but the existence of Nafion and PTFE will have a certain impact on the electrical conductivity. On the basis of satisfying the ion and gas conduction, the electron conductivity should also be considered. Taken together to improve the overall performance of the MEA. MEA membrane electrode membrane has high proton conductivity, can block hydrogen and oxygen well, prevent mutual channeling, and has good chemical stability, thermal stability and hydrolysis.

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