How should pressure reducing valves be classified by structure?

2021-10-12 00:00

There are many kinds of pressure reducing valves, and you should pay attention to which pressure reducing valve is used for which occasion. We will sort out the classification of three types of steam pressure reducing valves for you, and how to classify them according to their structure.

1. The role of the pressure reducing valve The pressure reducing valve is a valve that is very simple to operate compared with other pressure reducing valves. It is a direct acting pressure reducing valve with a flat diaphragm or a bellows. Because it is an independent structure, there is no need to install external inductance lines downstream.

2. The direct-acting pressure reducing valve is composed of a main valve, a pilot valve and a stop valve. When the regulating spring is in the free state, the main valve and the pilot valve are closed. Screw on the adjusting screw, use the material to open the pilot valve, enter the main valve vulcanized rubber-plastic film chamber, make the rubber diaphragm rise, the main valve opens, the material flows into the inlet and outlet, and the material at the inlet and outlet feeds back to the upper chamber of the vulcanized rubber-plastic film and the pilot valve room directly below.

Piston pressure reducing valve: This pressure reducing valve integrates two types of valves, the pilot valve and the main valve. The design of the pilot valve is similar to that of a direct acting pressure reducing valve. Exhaust pressure from the pilot valve acts on the piston, causing the piston to open the main valve.

This design will use inlet pressure to open the main valve if it is too large to open directly. Therefore, under the same pipe size, Kunshan Lixinlong pressure reducing valve has higher capacity and accuracy than direct acting pressure reducing valve. Like the direct-acting pressure reducing valve, the pressure inside the pressure reducing valve is pressure-sensing, so there is no need to install a sensing wire on the outside.

Diaphragm pressure reducing valve in pressure reducing valve: In this type of steam pressure reducing valve, a double diaphragm replaces the piston in an internally piloted pressure reducing valve. This increased diaphragm area opens a larger main valve with a larger capacity than an internally piloted piston relief valve for the same pipe size. In addition, the diaphragm is more sensitive to pressure changes. The higher accuracy is due to the positioning of the downstream sensing line, where there is less gas or liquid turbulence.

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