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  • Name:Special intelligent locking machine for stack assembly


    Sort:Special equipment


    The main characteristics of the special intelligent locking machine for assembly of electric reactor are to solve the problem of standardization of assembly and to improve the quality and efficiency of assembly.

    The device is suitable for products within 375mm. The user can set the stroke according to the height of the stack. After setting, the user can use the 90 ° angle matched with the locking machine to align the profiling (the profiling height has a slide bar, which slides according to the set stroke), and then start the locking machine. When the pressing plate reaches the set height, it will automatically stop, or the device can be opened after the rated pressure is set by the computer, when the pressure When the plate is pressed to the set pressure, it will stop automatically. Finally, the fixed screw will be locked and the assembly will be completed.

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