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Junji technology hydrogen power future Junji technology appears at the 3rd China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and product exhibition in 2019


The development of hydrogen energy industry is the only way for the adjustment of human energy structure and the transformation of industrial structure. In March 2019, hydrogen energy was first written into the State Council government work report, indicating that hydrogen energy has received unprecedented attention in China. On October 26-28, 2019 the third China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and product exhibition was held in Qiaoshan cultural center, Nanhai District, Foshan. More than 220 enterprises participated in the exhibition, covering the whole industrial chain of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen energy, fuel cell core parts and materials. Founded in 2012, Shaoxing Junji Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of hydrogen fuel cell core materials (catalyst, membrane electrode), electric stack and control system.

If you are invited to attend the conference, our company will show the independently developed and produced hydrogen fuel cell catalysts, membrane electrodes, stacks, modules and teaching aids, pressure reducing valves, test jigs, stack assemblers, standby power supplies, test stands, hydrogen storage bottles, hydrogen powered vehicles and other innovative products at the booth of the main fuel cell exhibition hall. Especially in the first half of this year, our R & D personnel successfully developed a high-performance membrane electrode for hydrogen fuel cell through a new preparation process of catalyst and membrane electrode. Compared with that, the performance of membrane electrode has been improved on the basis of leading domestic power density in 2017 20.81% , increased current density 20.85% (the test report is as follows), which caused guests (such as hydrogen fuel cell vehicle enterprises) and new Hear the strong interest and extensive attention of the media.

In 2019, our company attached great importance to this exhibition and did a good job in the preparatory work. We mainly focused on broadening our vision, opening our mind, learning from the advanced, exchanging and cooperating. We made full use of this exhibition opportunity to exchange, communicate and discuss with all the people who came to visit, and obtained a wide range of cooperation intentions, such as downstream enterprise docking, investment cooperation, technical exchange, etc 。 In the field of hydrogen fuel cell, our company's popularity and influence have been further improved, and good exhibition results have been achieved!

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