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Shaoxing Junji Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sale and service of hydrogen fuel cell core materials (catalyst, membrane electrode), electric reactor, control system and hydrogen health products since 2007.

1586843127630213.pngFor years, The company has gathered a group of experienced, innovative industry talent and R & D team, Made up of doctors and engineers, Major in electrochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, control theory and control engineering, Rich experience in fuel cell design and engineering application. Currently, Total 26 employees, Among them ,6 persons with doctorate or above, Independent introduction of "330 overseas talents "and" National Thousand people Plan "talent each 1. In R & D 

innovation, transformation of results, Continuous improvement of R & D management system, High R & D management system, High R & D management, Has developed a series of R & D project management system and incentive measures, Ensure the smooth development of R & D projects. Has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, Further improve product quality, Produce products in strict compliance with standards, Strong R & D and production capacity, And with a number of well-known domestic universities and research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship between production, learning, research, It provides advanced technical support and resource backing for fuel cell research and development. To break the long-term dependence on high-cost imports of core hydrogen fuel cell materials, The company independently develops core materials, Solve the technical problem of "neck sticking" and realize the localization completely, Is has the key material to the terminal application product research and development ability enterprise. More than 40 patents, Of which 4 were authorized invention patents, 25 utility model patents, All other patents have been accepted, The core key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, Has achieved a number of scientific and technological innovations, Products are widely used in automotive power, rail transit, aerospace, underwater and water surface, large-scale energy storage, civil power, military bases, hydrogen health products and many other fields, It has a very broad market prospect.

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